And we still can’t pay the bills

The more the government gets, the more it spends.  If you were to increase our tax burden by another you-name-the-percent, the politicians would still spend it all and more…Nothing but a big bribe for votes.  Term limits would help curb some of this; if they can’t serve forever then there is no reason to bribe voters.

Changing the subject…You want to silence a liberal?  Ask him or her what the tax rates should be on upper, middle and lower incomes.  What exactly is enough?  They’ll start blathering on about the 50s tax rates, but 3 things render that ridiculous.  First, in the 50s almost no one paid those rates; second, in spite of lower marginal rates today, the rich pay a much higher percentage of the whole; and third and last, you could tax the 1% at 100%, that’s right, take all their money, and it wouldn’t make a wave in our debt pool.  Anyone who can do third grade math can figure that out.

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