About me…

I suspect, given time, that anything of interest about me will be revealed on these pages. In the meantime, I am profane, occasionally vulgar, a drunkard, a liar when the mood hits and the scourge of all things liberal or progressive in the political realm. As an example of this last, and just to be sure I am clear, if you believe anthropogenic global warming exists and is a threat to the safety of the world and/or mankind then you are, charitably speaking, a useful idiot.  I may still like you, but you are impervious to evidence and a tool for Malthusian cod pieces.

There are two exceptions to my relentless hunt of liberal prey: gay rights and abortion. As Professor Reynolds says, “I believe gay people should have the right to get married and own a closet full of guns.” And insofar as abortion goes, if Democrats want to exterminate themselves, far be it from me to interfere. But to be sure, with respect to both exemptions, I am a states’ rights believer and wish the Feds would butt out. Unlike lefties, I have principles.

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