A terrible problem; a terrible solution

France has a population of 65 million, of which 6 million are thought to be Muslim.  Britain’s population is 63 million, with about 3.5 million Muslims.  If 1% of the Muslim population in each nation is radicalized that means there are 60,000 terrorists among the French and 35,000 in Britain.  Here is a poll that suggests the support for jihad in Britain is a great deal higher than 1%; and here is one that shows support in France is, likewise, considerably higher than that figure.  If these polls are even half right, then the number of Muslims who either support terrorism or are active terrorists in France and the UK is approaching one million.   They have been occupied by guerrilla armies.

What’s to be done? Nothing.  That is unless every notion of multiculturalism and a temporary suspension of rights long taken for granted are accepted.   For a time, democratic rights will have to be sacrificed to survival.  A cold and ruthless operation that includes closing borders, revoking citizenship and mass deportations.  Many, many millions of innocent people will be affected.  It can’t be helped. Pressure will have to be applied to the entire Muslim community so that they turn on their jihadists countrymen with a determined passion.  If that doesn’t happen, then they all have to be shipped back to their countries of origin.  The body has an open and festering wound, and only amputating the poisoned limb can save it.  This is the last chance these nations have to accomplish a rescue without massive loss of life.  Embrace harsh measures now, or have more brutal ones forced upon them later.  The clock ticks.

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