The Duranty Awards…this is entertainment with a purpose…You know, the thing Hollywood strives to do which so often results in a face plant.  For anyone reading who doesn’t know, Walter Duranty was the New York Times man in Moscow during Stalin’s happy time.  He covered up starvation in the Ukraine, the fashioning of the gulag and the kangaroo courts and their resultant firing squads.  For his efforts, Duranty was awarded a Pulitzer Prize.  To date, despite his mendacity having been uncovered, the Times has never given back the award.

Last year, Roger Simon and the folks at PJ Media inaugurated the annual Duranty Award to distinguish and honor the media’s biggest liar of the year.   This year a second award, the Rather, given for lifetime achievement, was initiated.  As one might imagine, the competition in both categories was stiff and choosing a winner difficult.  While we may disagree on the winner, I am sure we are  happy to acknowledge  that all the contestants are worthy.

If you want to know who won, you will have to click on the link…And remember and visit PJ Media.  It is always a good investment of your time.

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