To the extent liberals/progressives stand for anything — a dubious proposition, I know — fighting discrimination and helping the oppressed are the putative pillars of their philosophy.  This woman puts the lie to all of that.  Elizabeth Warren lied, SHE LIED about being a native American in order to give herself a leg up in climbing the academic ladder.  To date, she has paid no price for that lie.  The Cherokee Nation continues to ask questions, and she continues to duck and evade.  If Hillary Clinton doesn’t run, this despicable woman has become one of the favorites to take her place.  She makes progressives wet themselves.  That tells you everything you need to know of these people.  Too many of them will use anything and anybody to claw their way to power, and too many of their supporters are unconcerned.  There is a single rule that guides them: power at any price.  Elizabeth Warren lacks anything resembling decency, honor, integrity or principle.

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