Another prof engaging in bashing Republicans.  Yawn.  First, teachers should not proselytize; they should play devil’s advocate to all points and let students reason to their own conclusions.  Second, this idiot is a creative writing professor…I mean, WTF!  Who gives a rat’s red ass about his political convictions?  It’s great that one of the students recorded him; I wish one of them had thrown a book at him and told him to shut-up and teach…if he’s capable.  And oh, by the way, he worries that colleges will close if Republicans are elected.  I got news for this jerk; colleges are going to close no matter who is elected.  They are no longer offering value.  An English degree that costs $150,000 — leaving most students with heavy debt, but not in any way helping them get employed — is an extremely bad bargain.  One other thing this moron never concerns himself with: the money all these kids owe is actually just a transfer of wealth from young people, most of whom invariably have very little, to college professors who are paid very well.  Nice sense of fairness, that.  No wonder so many academics are liberals; they want to keep the dough rolling in.

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