And we wonder about our intractable problems with race… There exists a significant percentage of black folks who would rather have their own, segregated nation.  I think we should consider this idea.  I am quite serious.  A good part of Michigan, northern Illinois and northern Ohio should, perhaps, be given to African-Americans to form their own country.  If it turns out that an even larger number than I think want to form their own union, then we should entertain the prospect of giving up more land.   It could be done peacefully, with relatively few white people being uprooted.  A substantial part of the black community wants nothing to do with us; we are on our way to becoming 2 nations anyway, so why not make it 3 and start the job sooner rather than later?

This is not racist.  It’s simply acknowledging a truth that should be obvious to everyone.  Moreover, it is certainly arguable that the African-American contribution warrants and has earned the right to self determination.  These people want their own land; they have a distinct culture and desire a different form of government.  Let’s honor that.  In doing so, I believe the temperature in our political discourse will cool considerably.

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