The Dems and their friends in the media have aligned their talking points, or rather, point, and this is it.  Expect more of it.  (I saw today that the execrable Chris Mathews chimed in.)

The president and his party are in deep trouble.  Foreign policy is a disaster; count ’em up: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Egypt and Russia.  Nowhere has “smart diplomacy” worked.  Even though most Americans don’t care about foreign affairs, the long range repercussions are potentially much more devastating to us and the world.

At home we have the weakest recovery from a recession that we’ve ever had; unemployment remains high and there are more people out of work than ever in our history.  If that’s not enough, Obama and the Dems’ biggest legislative accomplishment remains profoundly unpopular.

In short, the shit has hit the fan.  The only option left is to stir up the base.  Unfortunately (for the Dems), the war on women stuff has little purchase and has, to some degree, even backfired  Additionally, there is not much return on investment in attacking the Koch brothers.  For one thing, Dems never complained about George Soros and union money; for another, it’s tough to paint guys as extremists who support gay marriage and abortion.  (Harry Reid has tried by referring to the Kochs as “un-American.”  That’s the term Joe McCarthy used when going after alleged communists and their sympathizers.  Should you need further evidence of our media being in the tank for Obama and Dems, ponder this: My entire life McCarthy’s use of “un-American” has been highlighted as ironic evidence of his despicable behavior.  Reid says it and the response is crickets.)

So, with some of their best shots failing to move the needle, the only thing left is to resort to stirring up their most reliable constituency, black folks.  Trouble is black people don’t vote in as great a numbers in off-year elections.  Worse yet, Obama won’t be on the ticket this November.  Drastic measures to stir them up are imperative.  And if that means dividing us, turning us against one another, creating fertile ground for violence, well, sometimes you have to break a few eggs.

They need to remember something…When all you cook is hate,  you, too will have to eat it.


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