The faster this is addressed, the better

This, by itself, makes the DeVos appointment a good one.  Too much of academia is a rotting, seething cesspool of bigotry and bias.  Administrators and instructors are unceasingly screaming for diversity, but do all they can to suppress and attack diverse ideas from a political philosophy not in lock step with their own.   To compound matters, our universities burden students with debt for degrees that are radically overpriced and which have less and less value.  If they can’t or won’t alter their behavior, then turn off the money flow.

Echos my post from a couple of days ago

The media is the enemy. They hate you.  Realize that you may have to kill the bastards, and should that time come do not distinguish male from female.  You think this is madness?  Think again.  They are willing to bankrupt, enslave  and imprison you; they will take away any of your rights they perceive as an obstacle to big state utopia.  Right now, as I  write, many of them are engaging in impeach Trump and replace Trump fantasies that would lead to civil war.  Fuck ’em.  They hate me; I hate them back.

Our media is an enemy. Treat them accordingly.

What we label the main stream media, ie, NY TIMES, WAPO, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and FOX have been overwhelmingly liberal (with, obviously, the exception of FOX) for my lifetime. It has become much worse with the advent of cable. A bit of research will turn up comparisons to fascists; allegations of stupidity or madness; and analogies to Hitler for every GOP presidential candidate or office holder going back to Eisenhower. I suspect most people reading this thread will have memories of Goldwater, Ford, Reagan, and both Bush’s being referred to as stupid, hapless, dangerous, doddering, etc. Equating their polices to Hitler’s or a dictators, or labeling them as lacking compassion has been commonplace from ostensibly responsible news organs. If those allegations have ever been turned on Dems holding or running for the executive office, I am not aware of them.
Off the top of my head and in no particular order, here are some fairly recent examples of bias in the MSM: 1) the Tea Party is racist. This is rubbish. The media would find a few fringe members of the group and paint the entire lot with a broad brush. I had a lefty friend from NYC who attended the big rally in DC a few years back. She returned with a totally different POV, stating “I didn’t see any racists, just a bunch of nice middle aged white people.” The racist slander remains current in our media. 2) BLM is legitimate and the nation’s police force is systemically racist. Bullshit. It won’t stand any fundamental statistical analysis, but the narrative serves Dem’s identity politics. BLM is a bunch of anti-capitalist, hate-filled racists whose only serious goal is to upend the entire nation…but the organization was lauded by Obama and his White House. Any ace-cub reporter could easily have uncovered how scurrilous and dangerous the organization was and remains. 3) No serious scientists disagree with climate change alarmists. (Remember the 97% of scientists claim? It’s been so thoroughly debunked that it’s gone away, but no thanks to our MSM.) Utter rubbish. One falsehood after another has been revealed; from stranded polar bears to no snow in the Alps to “hide the decline” — the list is nearly endless — but the narrative in our MSM continues unabated and without question. 4) Fast and Furious. The media crowd that is relentless in condemning legal gun ownership simply shrugged and skipped along when Obama’s DOJ authorized and watched over the ATF putting untraceable guns into the hands of some of the most dangerous criminals in the world, and this was done without the knowledge of the Mexican government. To date, over 200 people have been killed by those guns, including at least one US border agent. But when Obama left office, the report from our MSM was that he did so without a major scandal. (No GOP president would have survived Fast and Furious.)
It would be easy to continue (IRS, anyone?) but I believe those 4, arbitrarily chosen, are easy evidence of a media that is without honesty, decency, integrity or honor. Faced with legitimate concerns and desires of a citizenry that is to the right of the majority of our journalists, those journalists have simply decided to ignore, slander, lie, and coverup. It has cost them dearly. The fact is, it doesn’t matter whether or not everything I’ve just said is completely false, because that is the absolute and immutable perception of those of us on the right. That story is done; case closed; the horse has left the barn; whatever cliche you’d like. We no longer trust or believe the media. They are liars with an agenda, period. I am put in mind of a quote from JFK which I’ll have to paraphrase: “Those who will not allow for a peaceful revolution will insure a violent one.” The Tea Party, tighten our borders, make government accountable were all examples of a peaceful revolution. Our political class with the help of our media viewed all of those with contempt. Well, welcome to Donald Trump.

I don’t care what Trump sounds like; I don’t care how thin skinned or narcissistic he is; hell, at this point, I don’t even care if continues to tweet. When he gives the media a big FU! I want to leap from my chair and cheer the guy. George Soros, BLM, the black masked hoodlums at Berkley, the socialist and communist academics, these are our enemies and I have zero interest in compromise with them. Our media abets them and cloaks them with legitimacy. Okay, good enough: the MSM is our enemy.