Hillary Lies

Man bites dog!  There are some familiar ones detailed here.  Her latest in the CNN sycophant derby interview, “I never got a subpoena,” is a howler.  The thing is, so many of them are demonstrable lies.  Demonstrable as in, “Role the video tape!”

(Hey, did you know she claimed Chelsea was jogging around the World Trade Towers the day they were attacked?  Here is this from Wonkette, a reliably left wing outfit.)

The writer of the article in Commentary believes that the MSM will tire of being used and manipulated by HRC.  I think he’s being optimistic.  I mean, what evidence does he have?

Nothing will save Greece; nothing could save Greece

The smartest guy in the room puts it all so simply that even a progressive could understand.  Okay, no need for me to make rash statements.  The fact is Greece is corrupt.  The politicians are corrupt; the people have turned tax evasion into an art form; and their kind of socialism is not sustainable.  As Hansen says, unless and until there is a change in the mindset of their entire body politic, all the EUROs in the world could not save them.

Dems engage in full-throated lies about “sanctuary cities”

I suppose no one should be surprised by this.   Dem pols have been caught with their pants down; they have no option but to lie and rely upon their low information supporters and an ass-sucking press to help them skate.  Here is the truth: progressive pols, including Hillary, supported sanctuary cities.  It was a craven attempt to court Hispanic voters and the consequences and obeying the law could be damned.  The mayor of San Francisco should be grateful the young woman murdered wasn’t related to me.  I’m kind of an Old Testament guy.  The thing is, one bit of justice exacted like that, and all the “sanctuary city” turds would get in line.


This is just…I don’t know…It’s beyond satire because it’s so patently absurd, so ridiculous.  A contract before engaging in any kind of sexual activity.  This is a perfect look into the progressive mind.  Sex is fun, hot, spontaneous?  No, no, no…Sex is a contract in which every thing must be negotiated under the careful scrutiny and REGULATION of the STATE.  Good lord.  What must the founders of the feminist movement think of their wilting flower progeny?

Importing a crime wave

There is a reason Donald Trump has struck a nerve, and this is it.  Obama and the Democratic Party — as well as the Chamber of Commerce arm of the GOP — have determined to welcome all scum; and in the case of the Obama administration, they’ve determined to ignore the law.  GOP prez candidates are missing a golden opportunity if they don’t slam this message home.

More abomination from the Obaminator in chief

If you read nothing else today, please read this.  The jackass who reigns and his execrable bridge-troll minions have in their minds some social engineering that is at least as radical as anything they’e done to foreign policy or healthcare.  This will become a major issue, no matter how much the press tries to hide it.  The gist is, HUD is going to force towns and municipalities to integrate by class (read: race).  Think Section 8 on steroids.  You moved the family to a nice neighborhood to get away from crime?  Think again, bud, ’cause the Feds have something else in mind.

This is of a part with the DOJ, IRS, FBI despotism

There is no excuse for this, and it is worth fighting and violence to stop it.  Ponder this a moment: Stevens prosecution was purely political; it was undertaken in order to throw the senate contest to the Democrat; that Dem victory enabled the passage of the ACA, aka, Obamacare.  It ain’t supposed to work this way, and we have an obligation, a sacred duty to revolt against this.  The prosecutors guilty of this miscarriage have earned nothing but fear.  They need to worry about molotov cocktails and gunfire through their windows while they sleep.