Federal Government gets involved, chaos ensues

The Feds invoked Title IX to make universities “deter and punish” sex assaults.  This has become a fiasco for two reasons: first, the number of campus sex assaults is wildly over-estimated (the 1 in 5 figure we hear so often has been thoroughly debunked as you can see here and here.  However, it serves a political purpose, so the progressive crowd will continue to toss it against the wall, much like “hands up, don’t shoot”) and second, college campuses are not qualified to deal with the  prosecution and adjudication of crimes.  NEWSFLASH: Police and the criminal courts are used for that purpose.

The upshot of all this — especially when poured into the  cauldron of hatred continually stirred by lesbians, misandrists, and panty-wearing  metrosexuals who are abetted by spineless academic bureaucrats — is men being falsely  accused of crimes and then having to try and clear themselves in a system that offers them no due process.   Here is a prime and arbitrarily chosen example at Auburn University.  (NEWSFLASH: To repeat, police and the criminal courts are used to address crimes.)  The further result has been that many of these men have filed suit against their respective universities…and have won.  That’s “punching back, twice as hard.”

I’d feel sorry for the college administrators if I weren’t irrevocably convinced that the overwhelming majority of them are douche bags, and the bit of hell into which they’ve fallen is a self-induced and condign punishment.

Of course the entire sorry episode serves as another example of the unfathomable stupidity of the federal government.

More fruits of England’s multiculturalism

An 18-year-old native son murdered?  Hey, if you want multiculturalism to succeed, you have to break a few eggs.  And because the left in the US prays at the alter of multiculturalism, we will keep our guns, thank you.  I wish there were some way we could  run guns to English patriots.  It would lead to a murderous end, but it will come to that anyway…and the longer the price is put off, the higher it will become.  Winston Churchill is turning over in his grave.

Progressives, insidious and despicable the world over

This news is a few years old, but it bears remembering.  Of course, it’s precisely what the left is attempting here with amnesty for illegals and an open door immigration policy.  It’s a double hit on the natives in that the newcomers will take jobs from poor Americans and, through the various social welfare programs, have their hands in the pockets of middle class Americans.  The bien pensant are unperturbed.  Multiculturalism is their god and their reason for being.  Read the linked article, read it and remember it.    The outcome is precisely the one that is sought by the left here.

Punch back, twice as hard

I love the notion expressed here… sue the bastards.  Politicians, talking heads, athletes, anyone responsible for spreading the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie should be targeted as defendants in a tort class action law suit.  Hit the SOB’s where it hurts, in their wallets.  The courts have forever been a favorite resort of lefties; turn the same guns on them.  Maybe next time they won’t be so quick to pound the drums for their agenda.  I’m quite serious.  Some enterprising attorney should take this up.  Billions of dollars are at stake, and it would grab the attention of some very irresponsible jerks.  The families of the 2 NYC cops who were killed should join the plaintiffs.

Holder’s parting gift

So, the DOJ releases its investigation of the Michael Brown shooting by officer Darren Wilson, and the findings sum unequivocally to justified homicide.   Think of that a moment; let it marinate.  Remember the nationwide demonstrations; this action by Congressional hill staffers; this by a Congressman; or this one by some pro athletes.  Here is my personal favorite from some members of the unbiased staff at CNN.

How can anyone objectively consider any part of this and not become outraged at these people?  Think of the damage done to part of the town of Ferguson.  Think of the poison poured over race relations.  Think of the two cops shot in Ferguson. Think of the two cops murdered in NYC.  (And I won’t listen to any shit about that guy simply being a nut.  He mentioned specifically in his note “One of ours, two of their’s.”  If Michael Brown’s story stays local, as it should have, then those cops are  alive today.) And all this damage done over a fictional narrative…A god damned lie.

Have any of the people principally responsible for this obscenity  come forward with the shame-faced humble apology that the entire nation is due?  Have they sworn to learn anything from this? Think of Sharpton and Eric Holder.  God, I want to curse them, but the worst language I can conceive falls so short of the goal. There will be damn few apologies.  This guy, to his credit, has issued the only one I’ve seen.  But still, and reflexively, he swallows without a moment’s circumspection the DOJ’s report of municipal racism in Ferguson.  And make no mistake, that is the grotesque lens through which this sorry episode will be viewed by the bien pensant.  We will hear no shame, no admittance of a rush to judgement and no apology; it wall all become “Well, you know, Ferguson is a racist town.”

Eric Holder — and never forget he served at Obama’s discretion — is the worst AG in the nation’s history.  To fully comprehend the depth of that measure take a few minutes of your time and recall and remember Ramsey Clark.   His character and “talent” were on full and immediate display when he oversaw guns being shipped into the hands of some of the most dangerous criminals in the world; it was but a harbinger of the idiocy that lay ahead.  (Can you even imagine!) And now for 6 years he has been free to pour his racist bile over the country.  We are all much worse for it.

And when the stories begin to roll out about Ferguson’s city government,  about how it is exhibit A for repressive municipalities and the racism that continues to affect American, make sure to remind yourself that Obama refers to Al Sharpton as his “go-to” person on civil rights.

The progressive crowd  is without shame because they are convinced that their desired end justifies all means.  (Note the rush to defend Hillary’s most recent corrupt activities.)  They will stop at nothing; damage, divisiveness and incidental deaths mean nothing to them on their way to creating a “perfect world” for all of us.  When does violence become a rational option?

Strutting and fretting but signifying nothing

There has been much hoopla on the left and in the MSM (but I repeat myself) over Tom Cotton’s letter to the Iranians.   Cotton and the GOP members who signed his letter have been called traitors whose act may destroy any chance of a deal.  Amid the harrumphing  something important has been left out.  (That is, besides Ted Kennedy secretly getting touch with Soviet authorities while Reagan was in the midst of negotiations with them; and Nancy Pelosi talking to Assad against the wishes of the Bush administration; and Obama, aka, the ass, back door channeling Iran in 2008, telling them not to negotiate with Bush. ) The Dem senators are not necessarily in lockstep with the ass’s wishes.  It seems they are not prepared to abrogate their constitutional right of consent on treaties.  In fact, so many of them have determined they will not be a rubber stamp for Obama’s secret negotiations, that there are more than sufficient votes to pass a bill of their own with respect to Iran, and override an Obama veto of that bill.  My guess is this will never happen because the ass would never let himself in for that level of humiliation.