Gotta mention this

This goes straight to the heart of my series on WHITHER VIOLENCE.   A Dem (dim?) pol wants to investigate some academics based on their refusal to buy into climate alarmism.   This is F***ING astonishing!  Right out of Joe McCarthy, but at least tail-gunner Joe — as Venona revealed — was correct in his facts if not his execution.  Powerline, as always, gets it right and is succinct.  If you have 2 minutes, give it a read.  By the way, the WAPO reporter and headline writer are equally to blame.  They miss the entire story.  The headline should read “Dem Pol Harasses Academics For Exercising First Amendment”


Sick and too much work

So, blogging has suffered.  Must be fun for my boss to see me leaning over the computer, coughing, hacking, nose running…  “Kiss me, doll!” On top of that I’m loaded with work.  Stinks.  I like it better when I can blog while I work.

However, there is something on which I must comment.  The CLINTON FOUNDATION IS TAKING DONATIONS FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES, INCLUDING MUSLIM COUNTRIES!  Hey, Hillary, you have a law degree from an Ivy League school; ever hear the term quid pro quo?  I’m all the time hearing libs go on about too much corporate money in our politics, about the SC’s ruling that corporations have First Amendment rights; well wussup with this shit!  Really?  I mean, REALLY?   From this point on I ain’t listening to any of that crap. (Not that I ever did).  The Clinton’s have taken that complaint off the table.


The headline above is so obvious it doesn’t need stating.  There are plenty of reasons to wonder whether Obama is a Christian and whether he loves the country.  When lib journalists (I repeat myself) start with this nonsense, I hope all the GOP candidates handle them precisely the way Walker did.

The Progressive movement is in trouble, and the lickspittle sycophants who comprise the majority of our MSM know it.  They know that there is an excellent chance the GOP will control both Houses and the executive branch in January 2017, and that this high point of progressive governance might not be seen again for many, many years in this country, and perhaps never again.  Worse yet (in their minds), Obama’s triumphs could all be rolled back.  And this comes at a moment when their influence is ebbed to an all time low, and one from which it will never recover.  The libs will fight with everything they can; they will fight like dying animals.  And the right must push back. From Fox News to talk radio, to blogs,to conversations on the street, no libertarian or conservative can let the BS ride.  To quote Obama, “Punch back, twice as hard.”

“Do you think Obama is a Christian?”  says some douchepuke

The response is: Hey, Hillary, is a 5 month old fetus a life?  Was Obama wrong to call Bush ‘unpatriotic?’  Do you still believe  your comment on Libya, the one where you said, ‘We came, he died’ is something to brag about? What are your thoughts on the Russian re-set button?  Do you regret that approach?  Would you appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS?  Hillary, do you think Scott Walker is a Christian?

Asians not served here

Some of these folks have begun to catch on.  When there are x amount of spoils to dole out and your fundamental philosophy is based on putting people into identity boxes, sooner or later some group of “others” must suffer so that a more important group of others can be served.  While I”m on this, why don’t poor black people turn on Obama when he’s so determined to allow poor brown people to cross our borders?  Don’t they understand the brown people will do the work for less money?

Walker, strengthened by their blows

For a group of people who are forever telling anyone who will listen (at this point, only other liberals) how smart they are, they can sure be stupid.  Again and again they have come after Scott Walker, but their attacks only make him stronger.  This is easily measured by the fact that he won re-election the third time by a greater margin than he did the first; his rising popularity in the polls; and the cash that flows into his coffers every time he is attacked.  You’d think liberals would begin to catch on…but then they wouldn’t be liberals, would they?

Risen sticks it up Holder’s ass

James Risen is a guy I thought should have been tried and convicted of treason for this; however, I’m ready to concede that perhaps he’s not a traitor and maybe some of the guy’s principles are simply different from mine.  (I still think he and the NYTs showed poor judgement in printing that article.)  Anyone willing to go after Eric Holder like this simply cannot be all bad.