Big government is a pay day for the bureaucrats in charge

Corruption, cronyism and theft.   This is the best and most important article you will find on the internet today.

The continuing growth of government is an economic decision — as opposed to a philosophical one — for far too many bureaucrats.  How, how do lefties continue to bemoan money in politics and the influence it buys while at the same time pushing for expansion in government power?  How can they not see that it is the enormous power that big government has that makes it worth buying?


There is no there, there

I think Roger gives the media too much credit and the writer of the post is closer to the truth.  There are two  additional points to make: condemning Obama means angering too many black Americans, and if you do that you will lose their votes.  Without black voters the Democratic Party is 23 senators and 115 congressman, forever.  Further, in condemning Obama you condemn the Leviathan state, you trash big government.  That is something the majority of our “journalists” would never do.

Lefty attempts to punish reporters for doing their jobs

This is what happens when you break with the established narrative of the 5th column.  Fortunately, “truth crushed to earth must rise again.”  The Obama admin has been so feckless, so authoritarian, so damaging to the nation, so wrong in its philosophy that covering or ignoring its sins has become nearly impossible.  Much of the lick spittle press continues to try and run interference, but the man behind the curtain has finally been revealed to a degree impossible to hide.