In the 2 pages of this article you will gain more insight into the mind of a liberal than you thought possible.  They are secular fundamentalists who have assumed for themselves the mantle of God.  Because of this they are impervious to reason,  believing themselves infallible.  The result is a narcissistic certainty of purpose they are compelled to force onto others.  They are old school Calvinists.  The New England Calvinists were the torch bearers for the anti-slavery and temperance movements.  Their progeny are still in New England, and still set on moralizing to the rest of us.

The administration crows about the economy having turned around.  They tell us unemployment is falling.  And still, under Obama, the poor have become poorer, and there are more of them.  

If this were a Republican administration, the stats in the article above would make for a relentless network news narrative.  Why have Obama and the Dems forgotten the poor?

Dems will give you just enough money and food stamps to bleed your initiative and assure your poverty.  In order to do this they have to rob from the makers, taking money from the private sector that might otherwise go to producing jobs and cementing the growth of generational dependence.

The article posted below is by Sheryl Attkisson, the reporter recently released by CBS.  She has publicly stated that CBS spiked stories that were critical of the administration. Ben Rhodes, the object of scrutiny in the below article and a man who has some ‘splainin’ to do, is the brother of David Rhodes, head of CBS news.

This stuff needs to end.  Were both men beaten to a pulp and tossed into the Hudson River, I don’t believe I’d lose any sleep.

It’s been a long Rhode, but it appears we’ve reached an important destination.  The administration’s Benghazi narrative was created and dictated from the White House.  They conjured a lie for the sake of political protection; that men died and the nation is in a perilous and worsening situation with respect to radical Islam and its adherents meant nada to the people in charge.  Oh, but did you hear, an 80-year-old man with a stable of whores thinks ugly things about black people.  Make sure you have your priorities straight.

I get the feeling the country doesn’t care beyond being tired of this story.  That notwithstanding, it is a bright light shown on the workings of the Obama administration, and I suspect this will be the lead story on this week’s Sunday talk shows.  God knows it should be.  To this administration — and that includes Hillary Clinton — any and every event is nothing but all politics all the time.  We are led by impossibly despicable people who are bereft of leadership skills or integrity.