“[T]otalitarian imperative at the heart of liberalism.”  Wish I’d written that.  The article jumps off from Mozilla’s cashiering of their founder and CEO; it links to a book from which it gives a couple of interesting and frightening thoughts concerning the goose-stepping morality of progressive liberalism, as opposed to classical liberalism, which is the precise opposite.

Money quote: “It sanctions a cultivation of aggrievemnt, a constant claim of victimization, an excessive, fussy, self-pitying sort of wariness that induces others to spout pieties. And that, in turn, covers public discussion of crucial issues with a layer of fear, so that we can no longer speak forthrightly and honestly about matters such as crime, race, poverty, AIDS, the failure of schools, single- parenthood, affirmative action, racial preferences, welfare, college admissions, merit, the breakup of the family, and the disintegration of urban life.”

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