It’s going to cost money, Mr President

President Trump will get a well deserved and much need bump from his speech last night.  (And who was that guy who gave the Dems’ response?  Is he the best ‘face of the party they have’?  Holy shit!  I saw where Rachel Maddow called the guy’s — I won’t do him the disservice of printing his name — speech, “small and stunty”.)  And all of us who support him should pour another drink and sit back and enjoy the moment.  Only a person with a heart of stone could help but feel triumph and joy, a sense of jubilation in seeing Al Franken’s twisted, bitter face.  The man puts the douche in douche bag.

But if your schadenorgasm lasts more than 4 hours, consult CNN or your local newspaper.

Military upgrade, healthcare for all, VA improvement, infrastructure investment…This stuff will cost…a lot.  It can only be paid for by cuts and economic growth.

Trump has tossed a significant portion of traditional GOP economic prescriptions out the window, the biggest being free trade.  Don’t get me wrong, slashing corporate taxes and erasing burdensome and unnecessary regulations will be a HUGELY help, and will create a lot of jobs.  But how many?  And will that number be enough?  Damn if I know.

I know that in the last 30 years we’ve lost over 5M industrial jobs while productivity has increased nearly 90% . (Thank you, Dale Dakin.)  That’s due to automation and increased efficiency, not outsourcing jobs to China and India.  Of course, it seems to me that a nearly 90% increase in  productivity translates to greater profits, which should mean more investment, more growth, and more jobs.  At least that’s the theory.  But if that theory is true, then where are those jobs?   Have they trundled down to Mexico?

The thing the Prez has brought into the spotlight that I’d never heard discussed is that our free and fair trade agreements have not been fair.  If China sends STUFF over here tariff-free, but our goods are loaded with a hefty tax over there, well, that ain’t fair.  Trump can renegotiate or dump those deals, but can he make China open its market to us?  If so, can we manufacture things they will buy?  I have no idea about the first question.  As to the second, the answer is a resounding YES!  The Chinese love our goods.  They believe Made in the USA is a stamp of quality and assurance.  (Remember all the poison pet food from China?  That kind of thing has happened over there, only not always with pets.)

Economic growth is the key to success for the President’s proposals. That growth would mean additional jobs and greater tax receipts. Roughly 160 years ago Commodore Perry sailed into Japan’s Edo Bay and began what would lead to an opening of Japan’s markets to American goods.  I hope CEO Trump can have as much luck with the Chinese.

The faster this is addressed, the better

This, by itself, makes the DeVos appointment a good one.  Too much of academia is a rotting, seething cesspool of bigotry and bias.  Administrators and instructors are unceasingly screaming for diversity, but do all they can to suppress and attack diverse ideas from a political philosophy not in lock step with their own.   To compound matters, our universities burden students with debt for degrees that are radically overpriced and which have less and less value.  If they can’t or won’t alter their behavior, then turn off the money flow.

Echos my post from a couple of days ago

The media is the enemy. They hate you.  Realize that you may have to kill the bastards, and should that time come do not distinguish male from female.  You think this is madness?  Think again.  They are willing to bankrupt, enslave  and imprison you; they will take away any of your rights they perceive as an obstacle to big state utopia.  Right now, as I  write, many of them are engaging in impeach Trump and replace Trump fantasies that would lead to civil war.  Fuck ’em.  They hate me; I hate them back.